Message Ok I'm not much of a writer but I keep taking apart my and thought I'd post some more photos.

Door Panels & Parts - 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 300ZX

Gotta love this digital age. I just wish I had more time to do better write ups on this stuff. Click on Pic for bigger image. First we removed the rear outer window molding piece. It was pretty simple to remove we basically picked the molding up from the front.

One thing to pay attention to is the weather-stripping at the rear of the molding try to remove that from the molding first before trying to remove the molding itself.

The 4th picture is a close up of the weather-strip. Next we removed the covering item for the mirror. We should have removed this after pulling the door pnl itself. Now time for the door pnl. First you gotta find all the hidden screws. There are actually 2 screws hidden underneath the cloth where the pwr windows are.

Removed the lower screws below the seatbelt harness then Removed the seat belt upper covering and bolt. Note this first screw we did not need to remove. The second and third pic are me pulling on the pnl to find the rest of the hidden screws. By doing that we noticed that there was a screw somewhere at the top that needed to be removed.

To remove that one we needed to have the window down to access it, You can see the cover in the 4th picture. This message has been viewed times. Ok I'm not much of a writer but I keep taking apart my and thought I'd post some more photos. The 4th picture is a close up of the weather-strip Next we removed the covering item for the mirror.

We should have removed this after pulling the door pnl itself Now time for the door pnl. Removed the lower screws below the seatbelt harness then Removed the seat belt upper covering and bolt Note this first screw we did not need to remove.

You cannot reply to this message because you are not logged in.Time required Budget at least 4 hours for doing both sides for your first time. Once again, I found it to be much easier to reuse the old ones.

See below Procedure 1 Start by parking the car with ample amount of room for the door to open. Remove door panel, see for details 2 Remove outside black plastic piece. Use a screw driver to remove the female half of the slider.

I chose to cut it off with the dremel. Remove circle disk, inside and outside gasket, and outside button the male part.

300zx door panel removal

If using the old circle disk, I chose to drill out the hole slightly just to remove the threads on the disk, then slide it on and screw down the female part. It should be tight enough to prevent you from moving the slider around in relation to the glass. You may need to further loosen the bolts for the lower tracks just to wiggle the window in and on to the tracks.

Install the upper track. Do no tighten down bolts yet. Roll it back down and up a few times to make sure it goes up and down all the way without binding up. Tighten bolts when satisfied. Resemble the remaining parts: outside plastic panel, door panel, seat belts etc. Greg: I've always been the kind of programmer that knows just enough to be extremely dangerous : Greg: I like my code like I like my women: fast and loose Me: lol Greg: and not fault tolerant ; Me: aren't you married with a kid?

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Door Interior Panel & Trim

I need to remove the driver's door panel from my 08 Nismo Z. On the 07 and previous there is a small panel at the bottom of the door handle cup not cup holder that you remove to get at the first screw. On the 08, there is no longer this small panel. Where have they now hidden this first screw to begin the panel removal process?

I am trying to get at the mirror mount to tighten the mounting bolts. Hope this helps Attached Thumbnails. Nissanhelp Store. Unfortunately, the gifs were in low-res so it is very hard to see the details. Is it possible to get higher res scans sent to my email?

My Nismo pictures coming soon. Knowing better Thanks for the pic tips Originally Posted by TheBigDrag. Happy to be here. Thanks for the welcome. Sites like this go a long way to helping us keep our operating costs down.

Especially since the wonderful people at Nissan feel that Canadians who buy in the US are not deserving of a warranty on their cars. But that is a story unto itself. No extras on the car Mine is number Not many options are available for this model. The car is great so far, very fast and fun!! If I can get the door panel off before my mirror falls off Pics will come later today.Message I replaced all the exterior body moldings with new, OEM pieces, as if there were any other kind, lol.

These included the long pieces on the sides of the windshield, the two, short, little roof pieces behind the T-tops that are just a few inches long, the long door pieces that sit on the edge where the glass goes in and out of the door, and the T-top pieces.

The molding around the rear, side quarter panel glass is part of the glass, and this molding cannot be replaced separately without changing out the entire glass piece.

I left mine in place. The overall job is not hard if you take your time. All the molding sections attach to the Z in different ways. Get clips. They're only a buck each.

I bought mine from Coz at Concept Z. Courtesy Nissan also sells all the molding pieces as a "kit. The clips come already attached to the new molding, except for the top-most clip nearest the T-top, which is attached to the body of the car. The first photo shows the underside of the end of the new windshield molding that went under the hood of the car. There is one black clip as shown, then four white clips that are evenly spaced along the molding.

You can buy a plastic tool called a "fastener remover" that looks like a giant two-pronged fork with broad, rounded tines, or you can do what I did and use your fingers and a screwdriver with a rag for padding to carefully pry these pieces off. Don't crack your windshield. Open the hood. First see if you can slide the molding along its channel a few inches toward the T-tops.

Both of mine slid easily. This caused the molding to pop free from the top most clip. These top clips stayed attached to my car on both sides. The passenger side clip is shown in the photo below, with the old molding already removed.

These clips are the same style of white clip used for the short roof pieces, behind the T-tops.You should be good to go. Remove the door trim panel Remove the watershield,and,if a new door is being installed save all the molding clips and moldings Remove the wiring harness,actuator and speakers If a new door is being installed remove all window and lock components Support the door and unbolt the hinges from the door.

I'm going to assume it's a similar process. If this is correct the first thing I do is remove the plug that it as the end of the panel towards the lock then remove the screw and the mirror cover near the hinges inside.


Then I take a rubber mallet if the door panel has never been remove and tap it from the bottom to loosen it up. Then sliding it straight up and not away it will come out.

300zx door panel removal

You didn't mention the year, but I've done this on my '93 ang 99 JGC. Remove the screw inside the armrest, than use a flat putty knive and pry off the panel.

I found it easier to start at hte bottom front corner. Use a rag around the putty knive so as to not mark the paint. Mrs Smith has nine children half of them are girls.

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300zx door panel removal

Chevy Tahoe. Nissan ZX. Ford Expedition XLT. Ford F Top Answer. Wiki User Related Questions. How do you remove the door panel on a 93 Saturn manual? How do I remove the door on a mustang? How do you remove the driver side door panel on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited? How do you remove a door panel of a 92 eurovan? How do you remove driverside door panel?

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How to Remove Instrument Gauge Cluster - 300ZX

IP Issues. Consumer Choice.Needle Nose Pliers. Parts needed: Replacement parts are to be determined upon removal and inspection. Nissan only sells complete door handles which include everythingneeded. Similarly, a door or door handle from a salvage yard might have everything needed.

Procedure: 1. To gain access to the door handle, follow this article to remove the door panel; ZHome. Also, It is important toraise the window completely, so reinstall the driver side windowcontrols before proceeding. Remove the 1" diameter grommet just above the latch mechanism 1. It is necessary to use a thin wall socket to get tothis nut properly.

This can be tedious and time consuming. A flashlightis a great aid. Take precautions to not let the nut fall off thesocket, or the socket fall off the extension. Remove the 10 mm nut accessible by using the open end wrench 2.

This will free up the door handle completely. Very carefully, pull the door handle away from the car while twisting it into the approximate position shown 3.

Continue to twist the door handle carefully! Lifting the door handle will free the upper door handleactuating arm 4. Again, very carefully, remove the actuating rods from their white plastic retainers 4. The retainers should rotate off of the actuating rods. Breaking eitherof these will effectively ruin any chances of a successful repair ofany part of the door handle. The door handle should now be free, otherthen the wire harness. Note: The entire handle can be removed by disconnecting theharness at the connecter just forward of the seatbelt return mechanismon cabin side of the door.

I chose not to as the harness goes throughseveral plastic retaining clips. Remove the vehicle alarm sensor large white object by removing the screw right dot 6.

300zx door panel removal

When removing the alarm sensor, take caution in not bending the metal tab residing within the alarm red dot 5. Remove the door lock tumbler. The lock tumbler is held inplace by a large wire spring encompassing the entire barrel of thetumbler lower yellow dot 5. Once removed, all that is left is the key hole light switch,and key hole light bezel. Take extreme caution here as the key holelight bezel is usually very fragile.