Shiona: Hello once again everyone. I welcome you to my new story, The Ugly Fox. I want to make something clear. There will be slight Sakura and Ino bashing. They are bullies, but they do have a heart. I apologize now if I do not update quickly. This story will seriously be hard for me to write because I do not have everything planned out. I will write as I go. Slowly beautiful cerulean blue eyes opened, on a tan whiskered face.

Plump, pale pink lips parted in a soft yawn. Messy golden blonde hair became messier as the head it was attached too shook. Long legs moved out from under a tattered blanket, to place bare feet on a cold floor.

Shivering, the body stood up and stretched. It was lean, with rounded hips and behind. This made the body seem more feminine when really, it was a boy. This boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki. He had a large bruises showing on his arms. They were in the shape of hands. Nail marks could be seen at the edge of the fingers. It hurt to move, but he forced his body too.

There was another large bruise on his stomach, and a few more on his sides. He knew a few of his ribs were cracked from beating he had gotten yesterday. Everyone had walked on by as he was kicked by one of his biggest bullies. Not even the teachers who were standing just two feet from them did a thing. There were only two teachers who even cared about him, and there was nothing they could do.

Not with out proof of who was hurting him. Yes, he had the bruises, and cracked ribs. He would sometimes cry himself to sleep at night! But they could not do a thing about who was doing it. It would be his word against theirs! He was the loser of the school, the most hates, and they were rich to boot. He gently shook his head, as he headed to his small bathroom.

He was only fourteen, just starting high school.

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But the bullying had gone on for years. A small sigh escaped his lips as he let the hot water hit him. So many thoughts ran around in his head. Maybe he should just take his uncle up on his offer.Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback.

Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Not all hearts are broken by love Aubri Heaven is the little sister of Atlas Heaven- the boy whose name is still drawn within love hearts in the girls locker rooms months after he left school.

The prologue is abit joking however I hope you enjoy! This is my first time using this app and writing romance in general so all critique is welcome! Please put suggestions ect on my wall. Living with her grandmother, she tries to forget all about her haunting past.

But when A year later and Ayla's heart hasn't healed. The deep wound that Ryder created hasn't healed.

But she is now different, matured, heartless. For now she has Alexander and Arabella Sequel to Bea Kim Na won a Korean teenager leaves her country to stay with her mother and look alike twin sister in the city of yountville. A city filled with beauty and wine, with warm and swee Clara Evans wants to start a new life.

But of course, fate has their own plans. When a new student transfers to Ford High School, her world shatters before her eyes. She has been Chosen. You really shouldn't push someone to the edge, they just might push you back. Allen released my shoulders to my great relief!

wattpad bully romance

Charlie is the devil on your shoulder, the enemy behind the barricade, the person inside of you that you don't share with anyone else. In this book Charlie is also just an addict trying to get sobe Eeko Bryony has reached the scariest part of his life as he faces his Coming of Age Day as a slave in Snyvolon.

Things in Snyvolon Kingdom have gone from bad to worse as the slavery problem continu Not caring if I felt the wetness leaking from my eyes on my face I kept walking like nothing mattered. Only it wasn't that simple. There is a reason many kids with autism spectrum disorder love wearing capes. Follow Dexter's adventures to find out why it's so important to learn about a child as a whole.

My name is Dexter This poem is about bullying. I had an assignment for my Theory and Practice of SW course and the topic was based on bullying. I have decided to write this poem for the assignment.

The poem shows ho I sat straight up on my bed and right away I noticed a spirit, Its presence was kind of eerie.

It just Search Search.I snapped my book shut and cupped my chin with my open palm, my elbow on the desk. With a dreamy sigh, I began to daydream about the future love of my life. He was going to be exactly like one of my numerous book boyfriends, I thought with another sigh.

He had to be handsome and tall. He had to be funny, nice and kind of shy. He had to laugh at my jokes, no matter how stupid they were. He had to treat me well. He had to tell me I'm beautiful, even though I was not. I knew it was silly of me to love guys from fictional stories.

But there was nothing better than falling in love with a fictional character and imagining that the girl he was falling in love with was me. If I could, I'd barter my soul for a chance to have a guy just like my countless book boyfriends. The problem was the choosing.

Smiling faintly, I looked at the cover and at the man gracing it. The male protagonist in this book was just my type. Handsome, funny, sensitive and kind. The female protagonist never had a chance. Imagining him as my real-life boyfriend made me giggle quietly in my seat.

This was what daydreams were for, to be anything but sane, realistic and pessimistic. It should be against daydreaming laws for someone to be negative. And I was far from being negative when I daydreamed.

I jerked my head up, the worry in the voice cutting through my thoughts. My classmates were huddled together in the middle of the classroom, all of them absorbed with the discussion. I tilted my head towards them and began to eavesdrop. I shivered surreptitiously as I registered the subject of the discussion. No wonder they all looked like someone killed their puppies. They were talking about him.

Goose bumps began to rise along my arms and I rubbed my hands over them. I shivered once more. I couldn't even think about him without shaking or my heart beating furiously, not because I was crushing on the guy, but because just the mere mention of his name terrified the heck out of me. I haven't even seen the guy and yet, because of all the rumors circulating around school, I was already wishing I'd never, ever lay my eyes on him. Because according to them, if your eyes meet with his even for a second, you are dead.

I shook my head to clear my mind of these scary thoughts. A loud burst of laughter coming from the huddle made me stare at them again. I bit my lip as I watched them with envy.

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I wanted to be in that huddle, too. I wanted to be with them, talking about anything, laughing and smiling at each other. My family had just moved to this city a couple of months back.

I then got transferred to the prestigious, exclusive school, East Private School.Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page.

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Preview — Bullied by Vera Micic. Bullied Bullied 1 by Vera Micic. Vera Hollins Goodreads Author. I have always been bullied and trapped in darkness. I hoped life would get better when I moved to my mother's hometown, but it only got worse because it was there that I met my unrequited crush, Hayden Black. He despised me from day one, and even more when I became best friends with his twin, Kayden.

wattpad bully romance

Kayden gave light to my life, but my happiness with him lasted only until I have always been bullied and trapped in darkness. Kayden gave light to my life, but my happiness with him lasted only until one night two years ago.

That night Kayden died because of me. Half of me died with him. The other half was left to bleed, suffering Hayden's and his friends' constant bullying. Now I must endure one more year before I can finally escape them and go to college. This year has to be different.An angry coworker gets his revenge on two bullies In which a bullying older brother gets far more than he bargained for!

The week of spring break a group of guys in college bully and beat me up taking the keys to my limited edition sports car. It was over a week before my car was returned to me.

My car now a complete wreck was used abused and ruined. I was horrified my pride and joy it was my only prize possession. The ordeal of it all was so powerful it affected my sexual desires My first day at work changed from technology, to a run-in with an old friend from years back While Justin is on holidays, Rick dresses as a girl to get a guy and learns a lot more about him Posh middle-aged British ladies get tricked into an orgy She was married to a parson with high expectations of his wife but of low moral character himself.

Soon his wife had said enough is enough About how me and my twin sister had our fitst sexual encounter Kristal loves sex. Too bad the guy she's fucking is in the mob and she's a suspect to whatever he's doing. The only way to stay alive is to take in the mob's hit man as her boyfriend. Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers This is a continuing story that started with my neighborhood friend, Sean, who asked me to sucks dicks with him after he had been enticed to suck his cousin's dick, but the cousin didn't return the favor.

Please read parts 1 - 7 to understand the full story up to this point. Enjoy the saga A hulking police officer encounters his younger next door neighbor A strange boy suddenly shows up in a pristine community and a sympathic girl becomes obsessed with him A girl was so high and drunk and wanted to hang out with hunks, but they wanted more This is a historical story set in tyhe First World War of a young boyrecruited to satisfy the sexual demands of war widows This is the more dramatic part of this story and serious.

It is important to know for part 2 which will be the more juicy stuff :.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Sucker by Daddy's Little Rabbit reviews A whole bunch of oneshots containing relationships or simply just falling in love. Suggest pairings if you'd like. Get a job by dibawah langitbiru alena alfreda new student transfer who move in bullworth. Although they are part of opposing cliques, Dan is forced to try and protect his brother before he is seriously hurt.

Previously a nerd at his old school, he's still his nerdy self at heart. After one situation, he ends up falling for Earnest Jones! Marth McKinley is Elijah's cousin, who is a non-clique member, and Elijah's best friend Kirby Olsen can't keep his eyes off Marth after his tough breakup with Trent Shining like a star by Lisa Amuro You're only said in pray life in heart like starry sky in the night.

The Greaser Revolution by Keruise reviews After Jimmy defeated Gary and became acquaintances with Johnny Vincent, Hal and the other Greasers starts a revolution to take over Johnny because of his softness and overall new weakening.

How will Jimmy try to stop this new revolution to take over Johnny Vincent? Bullworth: Year One by AussieNick reviews Elizabeth Taylor has gotten on her parents' last nerve, and shipping her off to Bullworth Academy is the perfect chance for them to be rid of her. Luckily for Elizabeth, Bullworth's ruthless social hierarchy is just the right place for someone like her to thrive. A Night Out by Lil' zaboomafoo Gary keeps leaving out in the middle of the night, Jimmy and Pete want to get to the bottom of it.

But Pete can't help but think that something terrible has happened. Possible pairings, who knows. Will update this later! Look Alive, Sunshine by a-whisper-to-a-riot reviews [REWRITE] Johnny was captivated by the cute ex-cheerleader who sat beside him in class but what is the reason for her sudden change and why won't a certain redhead prep leave her alone?Congratulations to Shay, author of Historically Inaccurate. This story has been selected by our judges and our Wattpad Books team to be developed into an upcoming Wattpad Books title.

Look for it on bookshelves soon! Follow WattpadBooks on Wattpad for future announcements and updates. This award celebrates the swoon-worthy storytellers — the ones who tugged on our heartstrings and demanded our emotional investment, all while showing us the highs and lows of the human heart. This award recognizes the worldbuilders — the ones who take us on fantastical adventures, heroic battles, and epic journeys to save people, kingdoms, or dynasties.

Much like the writers who once guided us through Middle Earth, to Narnia, and beyond The Wall, the Fantasy award celebrates new Wattpad stories that explore new lands, ancient folklore, magical abilities, or supernatural creatures.

This award recognizes stories about the ups and downs of work, life, and love in that golden moment between your late teens and twenties. This award goes to the forward-thinkers — the writers who evoked a sense of wonder in us. The ones who unraveled new realities, and sent us shooting into the void. The Science Fiction award recognizes new stories on Wattpad that center around science and technology. Like the greats before them—Star Trek, Westworld, or The Fifth Season—these sci-fi stories challenge us to think differently about the world we live in.

This award champions emerging writers or the young at heart! First loves, first losses, first conflicts, first times. These stories are proof that, at any age, a teenaged tale can still resonate.

This award honours the writers who kept us on the edge of our seats and glued to our screens. This award is for the fear-seekers. The writers who showed us the best takes on our worst nightmares. These stories fed into our deepest terrors and kept us up at night.

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wattpad bully romance

This award recognizes the writers who took us on a journey through the past, who created worlds with lush, historical settings, gothic architecture, Roman battle tactics, and everything between. The Historical Fiction award is for new stories that give us a glimpse of what it was like to live during a different time period through the eyes of well-loved historical figures or original characters.

Ready for a history lesson? Read on. The winning stories challenged and changed beginnings, endings, and relationships while staying true to the heart of the story. These stories offered fresh alternatives, rewrites, and divergent storylines for some of our favorite characters or worlds—allowing us to spend a little more time with them after the book closes and the credits roll.

This award celebrates the poets. The ones who shape language and form to evoke emotion. The talented wordsmiths who radically reconstruct language to tell a story, and use images and words to draw out visceral feelings. Strong poetry collections carry themes and characters along the way.

Just like Morgan Parker, Rupi Kaur, and Sherman Alexie, these poets know how to reshape language, create a narrative, and incite a reaction. The ones who told us authentic stories through prose and encapsulate unique lived experiences. From political realities to personal essays, these stories prove that real life can be just as interesting as fantasy. This award recognizes the writers who artfully wove language and prose with style. The stories who explored the inner and outer lives of characters.

The contemporary stories that explored the profundity of the human condition. These Watty winners will deliver. And the Watty Winners are Read The Story. ROMANCE This award celebrates the swoon-worthy storytellers — the ones who tugged on our heartstrings and demanded our emotional investment, all while showing us the highs and lows of the human heart.